About Violet

 Violet Darkling is the alter ego of designer Louisa Richwhite,
whose childhood fascination with
all things spooky, mysterious and nocturnal remains to this day.
Growing up on an island off New Zealand’s East Coast imbued in her a love of nature’s intrinsic wildness,

isolation lending itself to nights exploring after dark with just her considerable imagination for company.

Her creativity continued to grow after her family relocated to Switzerland and then onto England.
Whilst in Switzerland; snuggled up, snow falling, mug of the darkest hot chocolate in hand informs much of what has

become Violet Darkling and her world of wonder and whimsy. Then further imbued by the English countryside with its woodland creatures and historical hauntings.

Richwhite's preternatural ability to transport us back to our childhood flows throughout all of her creations,

bringing to mind the fear, the folly and the fascination that surrounds all things that “go bump in the night”. 

Let Violet Darkling be the perfect bedchamber accompaniment during those long moonless nights.





The bewitching nocturnal world of Violet Darkling is a place of mysterious beasties,

spooky campfire tales and decadent midnight feasts.

Handmade and created to delight her Darkling’s, the pieces found within the Violet Darkling collection hide stories which exude character and wit, delving deeply into the peculiar childhood imaginations in us all. 

Each precious item of jewellery hints at a dark and daring allure, juxtaposed with candy-hued jewels and unabashed whimsy.

A Tarsier skull with huge eye sockets grips a pink topaz in its tiny gnashers, whilst a carnivorous Fossa clings fondly to a finger. 

Candles and Melties honor the departed, the strange and all ‘things’ of the night, evoking the sweetest candy clutched in a child’s fist.

Crafted to fill a room with their tempting scent, they can be as cheeky, evocative or wicked as you dare.

Bring your wildest imagination and enter Violet’s witty nighttime world with us.

You may never want to leave.