Snake Heartbreak
Snake Heartbreak
Snake Heartbreak
Candle by Violet Darkling

Snake Heartbreak

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Broken heart keeping you up late into the Dark Hours… Snakey Snake will light up any melancholy mood with his flickering light and ssssensual sssmells of puddings to comfort.

Hand Poured Organic Coconut Wax & Cotton Wicks
Matte Black Candle Jar & Lid
Height: 10cm. Width: 9cm
Burn time: 50 Hours

All Violet Darkling candles are hand poured to order and may take up to 6 days before dispatch. Slight colour variation, sweating and frosting can occur due to the natural properties of the ingredients.

If your favourite flavour is missing, have a look at what other scents Violet has to offer, or contact us for witch-ever candle smell your heart desires.